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If you are looking for a wiper blade look no further, just check out the web sites below to find the blades you need. Mech Tech can supply all your wiper blade requirements.

At Mech Tech we aim to supply the right Kits and Assortment Boxes that contain the top fast moving parts.

Please find below details of the types of kits that we can supply.

  • Premium Blades – Traditional metal frame wiper blades made from 1mm steel. Available in sizes 10″ to 24″
  • Executive Blades – Traditional metal frame wiper blades but made from a thicker steel (20% thicker than Premium Blades) for improved performance. Available in sizes 16″ to 28″. s
  • Executive Pro Blades – The same quality as our executive blades, with the addition of a plastic spoiler to improve performance and reduce wind lift at higher speeds. Available in sizes 16″ to 26″.
  • Jointless Aero Wiper Blades – These are the new style jointless blades (sometimes called flat blades or beam blades). These have both the various exact fit connector as fitted OE on most modern vehicles, as well as a ‘retro fit’ connector which allows you to replace traditional metal wiper blades with these new design blades.
  • Exact Fit Special Blades – A small range of traditional wiper blades with unusual ‘special fit’ connectors – these are each very specific to only a few vehicles, where you can’t simply fit a universal metal or jointless wiper.
  • Exact Fit Plastic Rear Blades – Exact fit rear screen moulded plastic wiper blades.
  • Rear Arm & Blade Sets – The UK’s, if not Europe’s, largest range of exact fit rear screen replacement moulded plastic wiper arm with blade sets.

Please find below some of the kits that we can supply. NB If what you are looking for is not shown here, please get in touch and we will endeavour to source exactly what you require.

The BLADES programme is extremely comprehensive which is of course a big benefit in being able to offer a blade for virtually any blade application. The downside to this, of course, is that it can be a very large stockholding for both the distributor and factor.

That said, it would be unusual to stock every single range above. The factor might choose to stock just one of the traditional blade ranges (perhaps Premium if they want lower pricing, or Executive if they want higher quality) and the Jointless Aero blades. Or they might even choose to stock JUST the jointless aero blades, as this range covers both the modern exact fit blades and because of the retro fit available will also replace older blades.


Please get in touch and we will guide you to the correct part for your particular requirement 


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This is a range of jointless aero wiper blades which offers a vastly reduced stock holding compared to the BLADES range. Each blade and connector is sold separately, so the end user simply picks the appropriate blade and connector they require, clips them together, and fits to the vehicle.

The Evolution range contains all the same connectors as the BLADES ‘Jointless Aero’ range, so again will replace exact fit blades as well as offering a retro fit solution to fit older vehicles.

The advantage of Evolution is that it offers a vastly reduced stock holding and covers the majority of vehicle applications. The disadvantages are that this range won’t replace the ‘Exact Fit Special’ blades or the rear screen blades. That said, it still offers a vast vehicle coverage and is an ideal compromise where space and/or stock investment is limited.

The Evolution range is an extremely high quality product, competing performance wise with the likes of Bosch and Valeo, and is presented in an extremely high quality foil print box. This range has its own online catalogue and information site at www.evolutionblades.com. All evolution blades & connectors are sold in inner box quantities of 10 units.


The Iguana range is our ‘Premium Economy’ jointless blade range – a more attractively priced product designed to compete at the most price-conscious end of the market. Whilst the design is similar to the Evolution range, the Iguana range offers a ‘good wipe’, but without the high performance and with a shorter life span compared to the Evolution blades.

Iguana blades have all the same connectors as the Evolution series, the only difference being that with the Iguana series the different connectors are all included with each blade, rather than being sold separately.

Again, the Iguana range has its own website and catalogue at www.iguanablades.com
All Iguana blades are only sold in outer box quantities of 50 units.

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